You deserve the absolute best, which is why it is so important to me you feel comfortable in choosing M3 Portrait Photography!

Simply put, I love what I do. It's not just business for me, it's a passionate desire to provide you with a unique, fun experience that creates memories. It's exciting for me to collaborate & share ideas with you to ensure you're getting the best from your session. And with over 20 years experience you can be sure you're getting professional, knowledgeable & quality service.


Is a fee required to book a session?

Yes, a reservation fee is required for booking and your session is not officially reserved until this fee is paid. A Reservation fee; in addition to covering the time set aside for your session, also covers processing of your images, preparation of your online gallery, and delivery of your order. Please note: Reservation Fees must be paid via Credit/Debit Card Only.

Can "Studio" portraits be done in our home?

Indeed they can! I carry a full professional studio kit with me for set up. I'm very experienced in setting up in any type of location, be it big or small! If space is an issue, sessions can also be done as lifestyle type portraits in or around your home. We could also photograph on your property outdoors if you choose. We'll discuss this during your phone consultation so we can determine what will work best for you.

Are the reservation fees the same for on location sessions?

Yes, the reservation fee is the same whether you choose in home portraits or on location. With the exception of locations outside of the South Jersey area.

What are "lifestyle" portraits?

Lifestyle portraits are photographs of you/your family in and around your home; or on location, done in a mix of candid and classic portrait style. Lifestyle portraits capture the art of the everyday in your family's life. This style features individuals or families with the intention to capture real-life events or milestones in a more artistic way.

Will my images be retouched?

Absolutely, all finished orders include professional retouching!
I've been working in the industry as a portrait retoucher for over 15 years, I've retouched thousands of images...seriously, it’s sort of ridiculous. You can be sure your finished images will be professionally retouched and never over done. And I'm not going to nickel and dime you on retouching either… hair fixes, blemish removal, wrinkle & eye bag softening, clothing fixes are all included!
*Proof sets Do Not include retouching.

Are digital files included with the session?

Yes. All portrait sessions include a web resolution proof set for you to keep! They'll be available for download once your order is placed and paid in full. I do not, however, sell print resolution digital files, you can read more about that below.
Note: Business Portraits do not include proof set downloads

How much should I expect my investment to be?

The answer to this question usually comes down to each individual client's needs and the type of session you are doing. On average most of my clients invest; reservation fee included, $600-$800 on their family heirlooms.

“How much is it to simply get the digitals?”  

I get asked this a lot and the short answer is, I don’t offer print resolution digital files. “Why not?” You may be asking yourself, ”Everyone else does…”  

Well, let’s dive into that and I’ll explain why I feel selling digital files only proves to be a disservice to my clients. 

I want my clients to have the Very Best. While the file you’d receive from me would be well exposed, processed, color corrected, and retouched based on over 20 years of photography expertise; I cannot guarantee print quality from any third party suppliers you may choose to make prints for you. I can’t guarantee the paper used is archival and made to last, or that the frame will stand up to the test of time and hold together.

If anything goes wrong with your print over time; such as if it fades, if it warps in the frame, if your canvas wrap bows or warps...or any of the many things that can go wrong with cheaply made, poorly constructed print materials, it’s out of my hands to help you fix that. That doesn’t seem like giving you the Very Best. Whereas by allowing me to provide you with your print products, you can be sure of several things.

The first thing you can be sure of is that your print will be made to last. And if it doesn’t, I’ll replace it. 100% free of charge. No joke…if ten years from now your print has warped, or your frame has come apart, or any other reduction in quality despite proper care, I’ll be there to make it right. 

You can also be sure, with 100% certainty that the prints delivered to you by M3 are of the upmost quality prior to receiving them. If the delivery guy crushes that print in transit…that’s my problem to sort out, not yours. Once orders arrive from the lab every print is hand inspected by me to ensure your final products are perfect before delivery. And to that end, I’ll be hand delivering your order when it’s ready. Nothing is left to chance, it means too much to me. 

“But, I love them all & I want to share them on my social media, show them to friends & family!” 

I get it, most folks want to be able to share their favorite images from the session on social media & have them on their phone so they can brag about how super cute their kids are, who doesn’t? That’s why every session comes with a web-resolution download of your entire proof set once an order has been placed and paid in full. 

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